DragDrop plugin

Adds file drag and drop support to SCEditor. An example of it in use uploading images to imgur is available here.


To enable the plaintext plugin add dragdrop to the plugins option and specify the dragdrop options. e.g.

sceditor.create(textarea, {
	plugins: 'dragdrop',
    style: 'minified/themes/content/default.min.css',
    dragdrop: {
        allowedTypes: ...,
        handleFile: function (file, createPlaceholder) {


The plugin supports the following options:

dragdrop: {
    // Array of allowed mime types or null to allow all
    allowedTypes: ['image/jpeg', 'image/png'],
    // Function to return if a file is allowed or not,
    // defaults to always returning true
    isAllowed: function(file) {
        return true;
    // If to extract pasted files like images pasted as
    // base64 encoded URI's. Defaults to true
    handlePaste: true,
    // Method that handles the files / uploading etc.
    handleFile: function (file, createPlaceholder) {
        // createPlaceholder function will insert a
        // loading placeholder into the editor and
        // return an object with inert(html) and
        // cancel() methods

        // For example:
        var placeholder = createPlaceholder();

        asyncUpload(file).then(function (url) {
            // Replace the placeholder with the image HTML
            placeholder.insert('<img src=\'' + url + '\' />');
        }).catch(function () {
            // Error so remove the placeholder