Version 1.5.0 released

Version 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 has been released. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

This release is mostly bug fixes with the addition of jQuery 3 support and some fixes for Edge.

Full 1.5.0 changelog:

  • Updated French translation. – Thanks to @KaseiFR
  • Updated shortcuts to be prettier. – Thanks to @KaseiFR
  • Fixed bug with wrong button state with autofocus. – Thanks to @OlafvdSpek for reporting.
  • Fixed IE selection bug when repeatedly opening dropdowns. – Thanks to @q2apro for reporting.
  • Fixed bug with selection being modified when calling val(). – Thanks to @q2apro for reporting.
  • Fixed bug with dropdown not being removed when the editor is destroyed. – Thanks to @odungern for reporting.
  • Fixed bug with getOuterText() not always getting all the text.
  • Fixed bug with selectOuterText() not selecting text across adjacent nodes.
  • Fixed bug with lists in WebKit which could cause infinite loops. – Thanks to @taekvideo for reporting.
  • Removed more button from emoticons unless there are actually more. – Thanks to @Destroy666x for reporting and @brunoais for fixing.
  • Fixed bug with emoticonsCompat sometimes removing surrounding text
  • when typing emoticons.
  • Fixed bug with XHTML plugin when input value contains invalid attributes. – Thanks to Tim for reporting
  • Fixed types in Russian & Ukrainian translations. – Thanks to @Dr1ks
  • Added jQuery 3 support. – Thanks to @iam1me
  • Fixed bug with YouTube embedding on HTTPS webpages. – Thanks to @MadSpindel for fixing.
  • Fixed type in Brazilian Portuguese translation. – Thanks to @vinny
  • Fixed bug with IE causing IndexSizeError when getting the selected range. – Thanks to @jetand for fixing.
  • Added startInSourceMode option to start the editor in source mode. – Thanks to @brunoais
  • Fixed issue with XHTML removing some nodes containing only a <br />. – Thanks to @kt3k
  • Fixed XHTML not removing empty tags containing .sceditor-ignore nodes.
  • Mapped command to ctrl for Mac shortcuts. – Thanks to @webevolutis
  • Fixed bug with IE edge not editing correctly.
  • Created bower "sceditor" package.
  • Added minified files to NPM package.