Version 1.4.6 released

Version 1.4.6

Version 1.4.6 has been released. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

This release is mostly code refactoring and bug fixes. There are a few new translations which have been added too.

From this release onwards the version numbering will use Semantic Versioning.

Full 1.4.6 changelog:

  • Fixed resize issue with Android browsers. – Thanks to @scripple for fixing.
  • Fixed bug with table being turned into paragraphs. – Thanks to @jetand for fixing.
  • Refactored the code so that it's in modules. The code is now much more readable and far easier to maintain and test. This change is 100% backwards compatible with the minified version and running the build will also create a backwards compatible non-minified version. The non-minified non-built code will require an AMD module loader to load it.
  • Refactored all the unit tests for the new modules.
  • Added manual tests.
  • Fixed bug with RangeHelper.getOuterText() in IE < 9 when getting text after
  • Fixed bug with RangeHelper.insertNode() in IE < 9 when inserting a documentFragment
  • Fixed bug with dom.extractContents() method moving extracted element children into the returned documentFragment
  • Fixed bug with valueChanged event causing an error if the editor is destroyed before it has finished its checks.
  • Enabled valueChanged on sourceMode.
  • Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation. – Thanks to @martec
  • Fixed HTML to BBCode newline handling causing extra newlines to be added. – Thanks to @jetand for reporting.
  • Added SaurceLabs integration to automatically run QUnit tests in multiple browsers.
  • Added undo plugin. – Thanks to @brunoais for creating.
  • Added galician and catalan translations and updated Spanish translation. – Thanks to @FranSobrino for translating.
  • Fixed bug with FF causing newline to appear when something is typed. – Thanks to @q2apro for reporting.
  • Fixed bug with spaces sometimes disappearing from pasted text when using the XHTML plugin. – Thanks to @q2apro for reporting.
  • Fixed issue with YouTube not showing fullscreen button inside the editor. – Thanks to @kron-1 for reporting.
  • Fixed bug causing window to scroll when blur is called in FF. – Thanks to @spuds for reporting.
  • Remove deprecated keyPress property from commands.
  • Fixed bug with button states not being updated when called via shortcuts. – Thanks to @echteinfachtv for reporting.
  • Added Lithuanian translation. – Thanks to @q2apro for translating.
  • Fixed bug causing newlines to not always be added when return is pressed at the end of quotes and code blocks. – Thanks to @barbuslex for reporting.
  • Changed the http:// value in inputs to be a placeholder.
  • Changed createDropDown() to focus on the first input or textarea element.
  • Fixed bug with lists inside quote blocks. – Thanks to @barbuslex for reporting.
  • Fixed bug with code blocks not being removed when backspace is pressed.
  • Fixed bug with IE not removing blocks when backspace is pressed.
  • Added optional description to email dropdown. – Thanks to @PaulBender for suggesting.
  • Fixed bug with autoUpdate causing double clicking on [sub]/[sup] to not remove styling. – Thanks to @q2apro for reporting.
  • Fixed possible XSS attack in IE <= 8 when using BBCode plugin to edit malicious BBCode.
  • Improved build and added CSS autoprefixer. – Thanks to @Gazenwagen for improving
  • Added Czech translation – Thanks to Daniel VĂ­tek for translating
  • Fixed source button not showing as active when in source mode. – Thanks to @cyphix333 for reporting.
  • Fixed bug with extra newlines being ad – Thanks to @cyphix333 for reporting.