Version 1.3.6 released

Version 1.3.6

Mostly bug fixes with this release. The biggest change is that the editor now has much better iOS support.

A new function blur() has also been added which will remove focus from the editor.

Full 1.3.6 changelog:

  • Added Spanish translation
    – Thanks to Maxpower for translating
  • Fixed YouTube command not matching URLs
  • Added form reset support
  • Added autoExpand option
  • Fixed bug related to inserting BBCodes in source mode when textarea is empty.
    – Thanks to Martec for reporting
  • Fixed stripQuotes bug
    – Thanks to Maxpower for reporting
  • Fixed destory() to stop memory leak
  • iOS bug with content overflowing the container
  • Fixed font size BBCode bug with WebOS browser
  • Added blur() function
  • Fixed list bug where newlines from the end would be removed
    – Thanks to Birkoff Keren for reporting
  • Fixed whitespace removal bug causing some whitespace to be left.
    – Thanks to Martec for reporting
  • Fixed val() helper function bug returning HTML when in source mode.
    – Thanks to Maxpower for reporting
  • Fixed bug with IE compatibility modes "Quirks" and "IE 7" causing new lines not to show.