Version 1.3.5 released

Version 1.3.5

The biggest change in this update is the themes. All the themes now live in their own directory and 3 news ones have been added.

Some extra options have also been added, readOnly, autofocus, rtl and id.

There are also quite a few small changes in this update like the addition of sourceMode(), val(), insertText() and insert() methods.

Full 1.3.5 changelog:

  • Fixed bug in FF making pasting via right click difficult when empty
    – Thanks to Nibogo2 for reporting
  • Added readonly method and option
  • Added expandToContent method
  • Reorgernised themes to their own directory.
  • hanged themes to be in .less format and added to build file
  • Added modern, office-toolbar and office themes
  • Added autofocus option
  • Added a roadmap to the GitHub wiki
  • Added height and width methods
  • Added method to check for WYSIWYG support
  • Changed so that by default the editor won't start in browsers that do not support WYSIWYG editing (old mobile browsers)
  • Added rtl option along with rtl & ltr commands
  • Added id option
  • Added sourceMode, val, insertText and insert methods
  • Fixed quote bug where author from nested quotes would be removed
  • Added Estonian language file
    – Thanks to Rivo for translating
  • Fixed bug with dom.fixNesting when fixing certain tags
  • Improve adding/updating/removing of commands and BBCodes
  • Fixed bug causing elements that are styled with diplay: block to be treated as block level elements
    – Thanks to Rene for reporting
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language file
    – Thanks to Martec for translating