Migrating to V2

There have been a number of backwards incompatible changes in this release which had to be done to fix some bugs and remove the jQuery dependency.


In order to fix some issues around re-sizing and resizing the editor in a hidden parent, the theme has been updated to use flex-box. Old themes will need to be updated to the new CSS and HTML in order to work.

Support for IE < 10 has been dropped so themes can use more modern CSS now.

The editor now supports SVG icons sets. The default bundled sets are monocons and material design icons. Themes will need to be updated to handle them.

Finally jquery.sceditor.default.css has been moved to themes/content/default.css and jquery.sceditor.default.min.css has been moved to themes/content/default.min.css.

BBCode and XHTML plugins

The BBCode and XHTML plugins have now been moved to formats.

They work the same as before except to initialise them, you need to specify the format option when creating the editor instead of adding them to the plugins option.

For example:

const textarea = ...

sceditor.create(textarea, {
    format: 'bbcode'

To access the formats use the formats property on the sceditor object:

sceditor.formats.bbcode.add('custom-bbcode', {


The nodechanged event now stores the old and new nodes in the detail property of the event. For example:

function nodechangedHandler(e) {
    var oldNode = e.detail.oldNode;
    var newNode = e.detail.newNode;

The valuechanged now stores the raw value detail property of the event. For example:

function valuechangedHandler(e) {
    var rawValue = e.detail.rawValue;
    var newNode = e.detail.newNode;

Methods and variables

The getContentAreaContainer and getBody methods now return plain DOM elements instead of jQuery objects and the dom.parseHTML function now returns a DOM fragment.

Calling the jQuery'sceditor') method no longer returns the SCEditor instance, instead use sceditor.instance(testarea).

The deprecated jQuery.fn.sceditorBBCodePlugin() method has been removed as has the deprecated $.sceditorBBCodePlugin variable.

The updateStyleCache method has been removed from the editor.

BBCode and XHTML methods and variables

The BBCode elementToBbcode() method now takes a DOM node instead of a jQuery object and the element passed to the BBCode format: function is now a plain DOM node.

The second argument to the XHTML conv function is no longer supplied, only the plain DOM node.


The forceNewLineAfter property has been removed from the commands object. It is now handled automatically.

The caller argument to the exec and txtExec methods is now a HTMLDivElement and not a jQuery object.


The signalToWysiwyg and signalToSource methods have been removed. Plugins that used them should be migrated to formats instead.